Super Mario Party’s online mode is just for minigames – nothing else

Nintendo’s upcoming Mario Party game on the Nintendo Switch will be getting an online mode, which many fans are excited about when it was announced at E3 during the reveal.

There’s a catch though: it’s just for minigames.

During the Treehouse: Live presentation where the game was presented, the online feature was debuted as “Online Mario-Thon” and has players competing in 5 randomly selected minigames and scoring points. It’s not the first time they’ve done this. Mario Party 5 had a “Minigame Decathalon” mode where players would compete in 10 random games just like this.

The Switch version is the same thing with a few extra features like an online leaderboard and ranking system that rewards for playing. All games had local multiplayer, but this will be one of the few games that have online play. After all, no one wants to lag out or disconnect or simply can’t play fairly.

Super Mario Party will contain over 80 new minigames that use the Joy-Con’s motion sensor capabilities, which many games on the Switch don’t really utilize at all. The game will continue the older style fo the board with some updated features to the game.

Stay tuned for updates as they roll out on this title.

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