Super Neptunia RPG delayed until 2019 for Westerners

Super Neptunia RPG is now planned for a Spring 2019 release, according to a post by Idea Factory. The game was previously scheduled for 2018, but has been delayed since then. Idea Factory and Canadian developer Artisan Studios are still bringing Neptune to the 2D perspective for the first time ever. Super Neptunia RPG will be the first 2D Neptunia game and will also be released by a Western Studio- again for the first time.

The Japan launch is scheduled for September 27th while Westerners will have to wait until 2019.

The game takes the classic self-referential humor in a 2D sidescroller with RPG elements. Artisan Studios is well-aware that this is a challenge to build. In an interview with Digitally Downloaded, Mario Rizzo, head at Artisan, talks about the difficulties in adapting a Japanese title in a Western Studio. Staff at Artisan re no longer developing with Japnese developers and doing Neptune their own way with detailed artwork and splendid backgrounds.

The game has Neptune finding herself transported to a world without any memory. An organization called Bombyx Mori enslaves citizens and makes them develop game after game as a tribute. Anyone who tries to use tech beyond their means or makes a game tp subpar standards will risk imprisonment in the Trial Grounds. Neptune has an immense power and sets out to explore and save the world.

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