CEO of Intel’s affair ended before he took the position in 2013

CEO of Intel's affair ended before he took the position in 2013 1

CEO Brian Krzanich resigned from Intel on Thursday when it was discovered that he had relationships with his colleague. It’s reported that the woman he was having an affair with still works for the company and the whole thing started over a decade ago. When she met Krzanich, she was working in a distant position as a middle manager.

Krzanich’s wife Brandee had also worked at Intel before as a process engineer before he became CEO of Intel in 2013. The affair was stopped before he took the position, but the policy that prohibits any sexual and romantic relationships with co-workers was put into place in 2011. So thus, he was still in violation of such acts. Before there was the policy, Intel already had multiple office relationships going on.

Krzanich’s resignation is not the only one in the industry. Many people of high positions have been fired or forcefully resigned across many industries as scandals and the #MeToo movement snowballed. His resignation was thought to be triggered when a current employee talked about the affair to another who then reported it to Intel’s counsel on June 14. This sparked the process and made headlines after it went up in flames.

Intel’s stock has been dipping due to this news and has dropped a few dollars to the $52 mark from mid-$55.

Amazon buys WiFi doorbell maker Ring for 1B

Ring was acquired by Amazon for about 1B.

Amazon has purchased WiFi doorbell maker Ring.

Ring is a startup that makes WiFi doorbells in terms of security. It lets owners view whoever is at the door on your phone. It can also be connected to other lighting systems to turn them on when a stranger is knocking and walking. Currently, Ring is valued at over 1B according to Reuters.

Ring first made headlines when it was featured on Shark Tank back in 2013. The CEO, Jamie Siminoff, had no bites other than Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’ Leary), but of course, he didn’t take the (often greedy) offer. Siminoff has then expanded the business into a huge success- enough for Amazon to purchase it.

Siminoff got the idea for WiFi because he would work in his garage being the inventor that he is and couldn’t get the door. So he made Ring, which would send a notification to his phone when someone rang the doorbell. Soon, it was developed into a whole security system where it could detect whoever was on the premises.

Ring could work well with Amazon Key (their in-home dropoff delivery). Both could work together to create a safer delivery ecosystem and perhaps help ease consumers into trying this new way of deveining packages. Amazon getting into security devices that synch with their existing products is only a way forward in the world of fast-moving tech.

Check out Ring’s homepage.

Image via Ring.