We Happy Few delayed until Summer 2018; Stopping sales until game released

We Happy Few will be delayed and is offering refunds for everyone who bought it.

We Happy Few has been officially delayed until Summer 2018 based on a video about the production update straight from the devs.

If you’ve never heard of We Happy Few, it’s pretty much a survival game that’s based in a world where everyone uses drugs to conform to a single unit in society. It’s a first-person game that focuses on exploration in a whole new world as a rebel. You play as a character who refuses to abide by society and you need to discover and learn more about the people behind it. At least, that’s what I last heard about it.

It’s made by Compulsion games. The reason they’re pushing it back is that they need more time to polish it up. And they’ve noticed some complaints and player feedback about the game so they’re taking the time improve the game. They also noticed that there’s not enough content in the game to justify the current price offering, so they’ll be doing something pretty cool.

Sales for We Happy Few will be paused. You won’t be able to buy the game in Early Access anymore starting at the end of January 2018 until it’s released. And everyone who currently owns the game will get a full refund if desired irrelevant of playtime (Steam has a 2-hour window to get a refund).

You’ll have to use stealth to sneak past very dangerous situations and also blend into the surrounding by being a social chameleon. There’s also a combat system if you do get caught as well. You have to explore the dark city of England in 1960s. It’s war-torn and everyone seems happy, but that’s just because of the drugs. You need to find out why everyone is so happy. The game plays with the stories of 3 different citizens each¬†with their own perks and they’re all on the same¬†mission- to find out what’s going on in their super happy city of England. It’s pretty creepy and gives you that eerie feeling as you play it. It features immersive and atmospheric gameplay.

The game has been out for a while now and you can give it a try as Early Access only for $50.99 USD, but the actual game hasn’t been released yet. And it won’t be until Summer 2018. If you’re a fan, be happy for them taking the time.

Overall, there’s a huge fanbase in following this game. At least they’re not rushing it and taking the time to get it right.