Make Sail coming to Steam Early Access March 30th

Make Sail allows players to explore a procedurally-generated world and build a custom boat.

Make Sail is a game coming into Steam Early Access on March 30th.

It’s a game developed by Popcannibal and focuses on boat exploration on the high seas. It’s a procedurally-generated world so it’s always unique and different every time you sail. The game has an in-depth boat crafting system so you can create a boat to suit your imagination and play style.


You can build everything from a simple castaway raft to a full-out pirate ship. Players will use ship parts they find to upgrade and rebuild their ships. They essentially get rewarded for exploring in the form of better parts and more gear.

Make Sail features boats that are “wild horses of your own design” and “rooted in real physics” according to dev Ziba Scott.

The boats can also break apart and sink as well. It’s probably the most realistic boat simulator in recent years and seems like a lot of fun because of the simplicity of it. It combines exploration, upgrading your boat, and sailing the seas all into one game with a nice crafting system that lets you build your own designs which offers a lot of creative freedom to the player.

You’ll be exploring a variety of islands and creatures as well. These are procedurally placed and completely handcrafted by the dev team. The sea is always unique and the game is always offering something new. You’ll come across new lands, animals, and boat pieces while under the forces of gravity, lift, draft, wind, shape, and weight. The game has a real physics system with water and wind effects that play out to what you’d expect in real life.


Want to make a boat U-turn? Go for it? Got some tailwind? Embrace it. Choppy waters? Fare it. It’s all governed by a universal physics system that works in real-time. It combines a fantasy sea with real physics that can power your ship’s sailing method of choice- whether it be square sails, lateen sails, propellers, jets, and even energy-fields.

Make Sail has a new teaser trailer out that shows off the impressive visuals and supermodular building system. You can witness a player getting off their ship and exploring a newfound island on foot.

The game was funded back in November of 2016 on Fig successfully and will be released on Steam later this month. You can check out more details on their page as well. If you like sailing and exploration, set your sails to Make Sail!

Featured image via official site.


Rust is rolling out as a full game – also full price

Rust will be rolling out 2/8/18 as a full game.

Rust is finally leaving Early Access and is coming to full game release on February 8, 2018!

If you’ve never heard of Rust, it’s a survival game that takes place in the modern world. Like any other survival game, you’ll have to gather resources, craft items, and form alliances with other players in order to make it in the world. Raids and attacks are common, so you always need to be prepared for enemies looking for loot.

The game has been in Early Access for over 4 years now. Many players probably already gave up on it and just labeled it as a game that’ll never come out of Early Access and evolve into a full game. But just recently, the developer/publisher Facepunch Studios announced that it’ll finally be a full release title.

The game rolled out a while ago and redefined the survival game genre. It’s been through many, many patches and updates that changed everything from a static map to a procedurally-generated world. Lots of player feedback went into developing the game. It also regressed in gameplay features for a bit as the newer stuff needed to catch up to the old stuff.

Now, it’s fully fleshed-out with NPC vehicles, weapons, items, armor, building materials, keypad locks, and even wildlife to hunt down.

When Rust gets released as a full game, game development will continue on the game to improve. The devs also stated that the update schedule will change from a weekly schedule to a monthly schedule instead. There will also be 2 branches to get the download from. There’s a Main Branch which will include the stable monthly updates and hotfixes. And then there’s the Staging Branch which includes the newest updates (daily) as experimental features. Players can choose whichever branch they desire to play in.

The full version will bump the price from $19.99 to $34.99. So if you’ve been wanting to play Rust, now’s your chance to get into the game before it rolls out. The price increase will be immediate so now’s the time to buy.