Telltale may be releasing more episodes for The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Last week’s news about Telltale shutting down its studio upset many fans who’ve experienced their narrative, cinematic, and storyline-driven works of art. One main concern was whether or not fans will be getting a continued work on their latest project The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Rumors were surfaced that the game would be abandoned from multiple reports, including Melissa Hutchison, Clementine’s VA.

A few hours ago, Telltale Games released a new statement and wrote that the game may end up getting a conclusion after all. Even though the studio will be shut down, multiple partners have approached the company offering help to allow them to finish their latest project that’s on the brink of a shutdown. Telltale said they hope to release episodes three and four later on in the coming future- or as they wrote, “in some form.”

This doesn’t mean that the final two episodes are confirmed. But it’s news for many who are looking for some confirmation that the company still has some hope for finishing their final project. Telltale said they’ll release more info soon.

Right now, The Walking Dead: The Final Season is still scheduled for release tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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