Capcom announces Capcom Connect; Giving away codes for Street Fighter IV

Capcom has announced a new weekly live stream called Capcom Connect, which will take place on Capcom Fighters Twitch channel every Tuesday starting at 8 PM PT. The show’s all about Street Fighter with news, updates, matches between pros and local players, and code giveaways.

Capcom Connect will be hosted in partnership with the Esports Arena in Oakland, California. The stream will be broadcasted mainly to allow Capcom to connect with the Street Fighter community, ranging from professional esport players to casual fans who watch streams.

The show will cover news about the Capcom Pro Tour tournaments, announcements, fan art, cosplay, pro interviews, and matchups between pro and local talent all over the nation and possibly globally also.

Viewers will get a free chance to redeem codes for Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition by tweeting to Capcom FIghters by using a unique hashtag identifier before 8:15 PM PT on September 25th- the show’s premiere day. The codes are currently reserved for North American viewers.