Two new Nintendo Switch models to be produced, rumors say.

Two new Switch models being produced, China won’t be origin

Nintendo will be pushing out a new console soon, based on reports that they’re pulling their production out of China.

Nintendo hasn’t actually spoke about this yet, but speculation says that they’re currently working on two different models of the Switch. And a post on ResetEra states that they’re currently already producing these hot off the factory.

Nintendo’s supply chain states that these two new consoles have begun already in Southeast Asia, away from China.

This may directly have to do with the new taxes on video game goods from overseas, which consoles are no exceptions.

So for Nintendo to save cash, they’d want to use the most cost-effective method possible.

Nintendo has been speculated to be pushing out two new consoles this year- a more expensive one and a cheaper one.

For those who are looking to buy a Switch, you may want to wait for these models to roll out. If anything, we should see them around the holiday season 2019.