Tyler1 may have the most disgusting keyboard on Twitch

Everyone’s favorite “non-toxic” streamer was pushed to show his nasty keyboard on stream.

Tyler1 is one of the leading personalities on Twitch for the LoL community. He’s known for his brash personality, raging, insults, and of course, his sheer skill for the game.

During a queue for another match, his viewers egged him on to show his keyboard. Tyler1 refused multiple times and explained to his viewers that he spilled a “protein shake” on the “side I don’t use, is not clean.” The left side is clean, but not the right.

While waiting for the queue, he decided to show off his keyboard from multiple requets from his viewers:

“I don’t think you guys are ready for this, honestly,”

Eventually, he lifted up his keyboard for the word to see. The right-hand side was covered in filth, either growing something, covered in something, or seemingly, both.

Fans reacted with disgust and horror echoed through the stream.

“It’s not that bad. I don’t keep these keyboards, I replace them. So, when they get dirty, I just toss them out and I get a new one.”

From the many clips taken of his keyboard, it’s only a matter of time before he throws this one out. If anything, I wonder why he has done so yet provided the absolute horrendous state of his current set.

Now his chat will have something to picture every time they see their favorite entertainer go live.

Video may be NSFW: