Ubisoft Ode game.

Ubisoft releases a musical platformer indie game called “Ode”

Ubisoft Ode game.
Ubisoft’s newest indie game mixes platformer and music into one adventure. (Via Ubisoft.)

Ubisoft just launched an experimental game called “Ode.”

It was a soft-launch that I wouldn’t have seen if I weren’t digging through my daily (bad) habit of searching random things on Google News. The studio behind the game is the same one that made Grow Home, which was released in 2015- Reflections Studio. They’re pretty much an experimental studio dedicated to making some sweet indie games.

The game is a platformer collect-a-thon that really reminds me of Ori and the Blind Forest (if it were on a 3D plane). I don’t know if it’s because of the graphics or because both titles have 3 letters and start with the same letter.

I watched the launch trailer of it and the music is just so soothing. The gameplay doesn’t appear to be hectic nor chaotic at all. It’s a slower-paced, relaxing platformer. Your screen isn’t cluttered with text, health bars, magic bars, and nav points. Instead, it’s very bare-bones and minimalistic. It seems like the only goal is to explore the world listening to some calming and joyful tunes- which is probably why it’s dubbed a “joyful journey.”

Producer Anne Langouriuex states in a blog post that Ode is a:

“musical exploration where you gradually bring a world to life through music and light.”

You play as a character named Joy who needs to collect a bunch of star pieces in a rolling ball. They then trail behind you as you roll around doing your collecting thing. It’s hard to describe, so watch the trailer:

Other than that, there’s not much news about the actual gameplay and whether it’s good or not. It looks fun, but that’s just judging from the video which probably highlights the best parts. Either way, if you’re up for a whimsical journey platformer, Ode may be something you want to look out for.

It’s available for UK residents only at this moment, but it’s not certain when (and if) it’ll roll out to US audiences.

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