World of Tanks: Mercenaries launches on Xbox One and PS4: What’s new?

World of Tanks: Mercenaries, Wargaming’s popular tank battle game, has released on Xbox One and PS4. The story to it isn’t exactly what you’d expect. It’s shifted for the new mercenary additions to the lineup. In this world. WWII is still ongoing and the Axis and Allied nations have both gotten weary from war.

New tank crews have decided to become “bounty hunters” to the highest bidder, and that’s where the player takes control. Mercenaries will have new single-player campaign missions to experience some new tanks which can be unlocked by completing contracts for the bidders. Each contract consists of anywhere up to 8 levels, each with multiple tasks and subtasks to complete.

There’s a new War Stories Campaign titled The Heist where players will have to steal nuclear material from a US-Soviet facility. You’re paired with AI and you need to dodge tank destroyers, turrets, and other nasties as you make your way across the wasteland of shells.

If you complete all of them, you’ll get a new free garage space for a new tank, a new mercenary tank, and a new commander for multiplayer. The new tanks are part of a Mercenary faction that’s a separate entity from the current Allies and Axis nations.

Other changes have been made in the new patch including map improvements.

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