Unavowed: A new horror point-and-click coming to PC and Mac August 8th

Unavowed, a point-and-click semi-horror adventure game, is coming out for PC and Mac on August 8th, 2018.

The game was in development since 2017 and has been shown off at the Play NYC convention. The game is being made by the same guys behind Blackwell and Gemini Rue. They’re based in New York and called Wadjet Eye Games and are known for their point-and-click titles. A trailer was released by Wadjet Eye Games which shows off the horrific and kinda scary environment and dark tone of the game:

We can see the world’s distinctive artwork and the simple point-and-click gameplay mechanics. It’s all pre-rendered so far with no actual in-game gameplay, but we can expect to see more before the launch. The game has you playing as an unknown protagonist who basically gets possessed and goes crazy. You’re then forced to join an ancient society dedicated to stopping evil. They’re call the Unavowed.

You play through the game’s puzzles and unfold the backstory behind the clan and the society dedicated to fight the oncoming darkness. The game looks pretty crazy with the art and design of the environment and world with a retro pixel art-style look. The Steam page is already up and promises some features like multiple origin stories, branching paths, and companions to choose from. The game is also fully voiced and includes an OST with twice the resolution of a typical Wadjet Eye game.

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