WoW Classic details announced, release date

World of Warcraft Classic is the new, or rather old, RPG that everyone’s looking forward to.

It’ll launch on PC sometime during Summer 2019 without a doubt. That’s confirmed. already. WoW Classic is Blizzard’s old and nostalgic WoW where new players can jump right into without having to go through all the new content updates.

Blizzard has already shown off their plan for PVE last month and now they announced how they’ll roll out the PVP updates in an announcement this morning.

WoW Classic will be just like the original 2004 release with no formal PVP system. Players can still kill others, but there won’t be any rewards or penalties for doing this. We’re really going back to the game’s origins Next, Blizzard will add Honorable Kills, Dishonorable Kills, and even PVP Rank Rewards.

There will a time requirement in order to get those rewards, but it’ll probably be something that players can expect. Southshore and probably the Tauren Mill will be good places to go when the update arrives.

Later, WoW will bring out Battlegrounds with World PVP. There will be Alterac Valley games, but I don’t think we need these alongside the vendor. Arathi Basin Battleground will also release with PVP objective afterwards. So everything will come out in waves. But WoW Classic is what a lot of players are waiting for and for those who’ve never gotten into the game. They can now start from the beginning.

WoW Classic comes out this Summer and anyone who has a subscription can jump into one of the best MMORPGs of all time.