You can ride Stink Bombs like rockets in Fortnite; Viral video shows it off

Rockets and Fortnite, what could be better?

Remember back then when players found out you can ride the rockets from the Rocket Launcher? That was awesome. Now, players have found out that you can ride the Stink Bombs also. Yup. That yellow throwable can be jumped on just like the rockets from the Rocket Launcher.

The Stink Bomb was added a few months ago in June as part of the V4.4 update and is typically used as a gas grenade to make players come out of hidden structures in nooks and crannies. But this post on Reddit just may have given them a new purpose.

A Reddit user named “kuzner” proved the concept with a recording. He records another player named “Zolo II” jumping onto the grenade after his teammate tosses. The window that you can jump on it is very narrow and your timing needs to be precise. But once you hop on, it’s pretty cool as you follow the arc of the throwable until it lands.

Stink bomb ride! WtF and a snipe! from FortNiteBR

You can’t compare the rocket and the Stink Bomb as they’re completely different modes of “transportation.” The throwable doesn’t hold a candle to the rocket’s distance in travel, but it’s still cool, nonetheless. I mean, imagine your enemy turning around to see you flying towards them on a ‘nade and then getting blown to bits in a cloud of smelly gas.

Zolo II then rides it until he hit a sniper shot on the final baddy and secures the Victory Royale. The video’s timing is epic and the Reddit post went viral with over 200 comments and 12K upvotes at the time of this writing. Not many players knew that you can ride the Stink Bomb in Fortnite, but this post will likely spread the word to the masses from now on.

Meta? Probably not. Hilarious? Definitely.

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