Alan Wake and For Honor free next week on Epic Games

Epic Games will be releasing Moonlighter and This War of Mine for free this week. But next week, we’ll be getting Alan Wake and For Honor- two pretty epic games.

They’ll both be up for grabs on the Epic Games store until August 9th. You just need an Epic Games account and download the launcher to keep them forever. Epic has been throwing out free games since inception, and they’re not just crappy indie titles. They’re actually legit games.

Alan Wake, developed by Remedy Entertainment lets you play through a scary town only to discover the secrets behind the town. The game’s a true thriller.

For Honor has been free before multiple times, but for those who haven’t been able to pick this game up, now’s your chance to do so.

You can get For Honor and also Alan Wake for free next week on Epic.

David Wong

David Wong

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