Get a full copy of Subnautica for free right now on Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store launched a few days ago on Friday and they’re offering a full copy of Subnautica right now- for keeps.

The promotion runs from now until December 27, 2018. Subnautica is an underwater survival game where you need to find resources, craft weapons and equips, and build underwater shelters. You can explore the game’s world where you’ll encounter everything from cute fish to glowing corals to creatures that are just downright scary lurking in the depths.

Epic Games Store will be offering two free games a month from now until the end of 2019. The next game will be Super Meat Boy which will start on December 28th and end on January 10th, 2019.

Epic Games Store is a direct competitor to Discord and Steam. The storefront applies an 88/12 share between the developer and Epic Games. Discord has the best rates at 90/10 (soon), and Steam has the worst at 70/30.

As of now, Epic Games Store has just a few titles that I’ve been handpicked by the staff. Titles include AshenHadesHello Neighbor: Hide & SeekDarksiders 3SubnauticaShadow ComplexUnreal Tournament, and their signature game Fortnite.

You can pick up Subnautica for free right now on PC.

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