SteamWorld developer Image & Form hints at new project “coming soon”

Developer Image & Form, the creator of the SteamWorld series of games, released a new video today that hints at a new project they’re working on- and it’s coming sooner than you think. That’s straight from the video, which you can watch at the end of this article.

They’re the people the few SteamWorld titles, with the most popular probably being SteamWorld. They’ve been pretty silent since their last release, but now we can rest assured that the next game is already in the works for 2019. This could be the next game announcement.

They released a new video thanking their fans and wishing them a new year. Besides the warm wishes, there’s a tease at a new announcement coming soon, which we can all hope that it’ll be a new title coming from Image & Form. There wasn’t any particular news that this may even be a new game, but they said fans will see it “sooner than you think.”

Following their latest entry, SteamWorld Dig 2, which was released in 2017 on PC, consoles, and handhelds and was positively received amongst the audience for the most part. Overall, it was regarded as a good successor to the original entry, SteamWorld Dig. This was the game that made the company, in my opinion- and it’s the only game from them I still play today. It was even free at one point.

Now that they’ve been silent for a whole year, fans are probably ready for the next SteamWorld game. Or it could be something else entirely. Who knows? DLC? SteamWorld Dig 3? We’ll have to wait for the announcement straight from the horse’s mouth.

You can watch the announcement video from Image & Form below:

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