Anthem won't have any loot crates, just pure cosmetic microtransactions 1

Anthem won’t have any loot crates, just pure cosmetic microtransactions

Lead Producer for BioWare has come out and said that Anthem will NOT have loot boxes.

Again and again, loot crates and virtual goods are the way for games to make money in 2019. It’s easy to clump to Anthem with the rest of them and just assume that it’ll be a loot crate microtransaction-based game to be profitable. Ever since EA did its thing with Star Wars Battlefront II, fans have been very cautious about their motives and suspected that they just may try to pull a randomized loot system once again.

With BioWare being the next major release, fans are just as suspicious about what’s coming soon- especially from EA.

This led Anthem’s Lead Producer Michael Gamble to come out and say that the game will not contain any loot boxes of any way, shape, or form. Gamble got into an argument with a fan that the game will have a ton of loot crates so he went on to make an official statement that the game won’t be any such thing.

Gamble states:

“We aren’t going to add loot boxes. It serves no purpose.”

“The cosmetics and microtransaction plan is what we’ve outlined.”

Without loot boxes, how will Anthem make money? It’ll just have the basic microtransactions with pure cosmetics for Javelin suits and not related at all to progressing through the story content. And any future story releases will be 100% free.

This seems like its what fans want and is the way to go after the whole ordeal and current state of money-grabbing games. Anthem seems like it’ll be the next AAA game to bring it back to how it should be. But we’ll have to see how they hold to their word. Just because loot crates are gone doesn’t mean the game won’t be annoyingly advertising in-game merch.

Anthem launches next month for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Februrary 22.

You can check out some gameplay footage of the game while you wait (if you’re waiting).