Steam removes movies and videos.

Steam’s player numbers for 2018 are crazy; 47M daily active users

Steam posted its stats today and the numbers are just crazy.

Even with the launch of new platforms like Discord and Epic Games Store, Steam’s numbers are anything but dwindling- even with the 70/30 developer cut, the platform still continues to pull in some insane numbers. Of course, Steam has long been the dominant DRM platform and has the headway for being around so long in the industry. Other platforms just recently launched and offer better cuts fro the developers, such as Discord’s 90/10 and Epic’s 88/12 percentages.

Steam had an average of 47M daily active users and 90M monthly active users. There was a peak of 18.5M users at the same time with 1.6M new buyers every month. These are the stats over the course of 2018 and even with the rise of other platforms, Steam’s not hurting.

Steam's player numbers for 2018 are crazy; 47M daily active users 1

Steam's player numbers for 2018 are crazy; 47M daily active users 2eam

Valve’s 47M users is nothing short of impressive, and any kind of platform will agree to those numbers in the gaming industry. They likely posted these data to show their continued dominance in the industry, to keep players using Steam, and to keep developers releasing their games on Steam if they want any kind of exposure.

Another data infographic shows up the worldwide player base and what countries make it up since 2012. NA and Western EU both make up the majority of Steam’s player base with other countries making up a much smaller fraction. Steam will have 40 different currencies supported and 26 languages this year. Valve also talked about various features they’ll be adding to Steam, other than the usual updates and bug fixes. Players can expect to see new features for Steam TV, game exploration, and Events.

A Steam Chat app will also be released for iOS and Android and Steam will be expanding into China with Perfect World’s aid. The library will also be redone with a huge updated planned this year and the Steam Trust matchmaking tools that are currently used at CS: GO will become available to all devs.

Steam ain’t stopping in 2019 and will be a year of many updates and features. This will help keep them dominant in the industry, even with the launch of other platforms. Epic Games Store has garnered some attention with its monthly free games, and Discord is still pending on a new update to make it more developer-friendly.