Ataribox pre-ordering delayed due to development problems

Did you order your Ataribox retro console yet?

Well, it turns out that you can’t- according to a report on Engadget. The retro gaming console was due for pre-order availability today, but it never came through. Apparently, the console had some development issues so it’s currently delayed.

The developers have stated that they need more time to in order to build the console to their (and the community’s)( standards. They seem to take great pride in their product and want to make sure it delivers for the Atari fans. And they’ve stated that they’ll be doing everything they can in order to make sure the Ataribox doesn’t disappoint- no matter how long that’ll take.

It’s an “incredibly important” project and they don’t want to screw it up.

With the onslaught of retro throwback consoles following the original NES Classic, Atari is a major player in this market. A lot of people grew up with Atari and it’s known for legendary classics that paved the way to modern titles.

The library on the original console is huge with over 500 titles with both third and first-party titles. While the Ataribox won’t include every single game, it should have a nice initial offering of games. What these game are- no one knows.

For those still waiting for it, it’ll be a while until we know when it’ll roll out. It’s been said that “Spring 2018” was the planned date, but it’ll obviously get pushed back since no further details have been stated. If the change wasn’t that drastic, a future date could’ve been planned. But without anything to go off of, it seems that the update will be awhile.

The Ataribox will range from $250-$300 USD with early backers getting a possible discount. It’s based on Linux software and powered by an AMD processor. It’s probably the most powerful retro console to date.