Shu, an indie platformer, is coming to the Switch

Shu is a popular indie platformer among a sizeable crowd of players.

Shu for Switch.
Shu is an awesome platformer game coming out to Switch

It’s already been released for PS4, PS Vita, and Steam back in October of 2016. Now it’s on its way to the Nintendo Switch. Isn’t it just appalling how many indie developers are flocking over to the Switch? It seems like its getting more indie support than first-party support. Though, this isn’t a bad thing. At all.

Nintendo’s first-party lineup roster could use some help, so these indie devs can fill in the gaps.

Shu will be available for purchase from the eShop without a possible physical copy. It also includes the DLC The Cavern of Nightjars, which was earlier debuted for the PS and Steam versions for free. The game will be playable in both docked and handheld modes at a smooth 60FPS.

If you’ve never played Shu before, it’s a 2.5D platformer game where you play as a bird named Shu. The story is simple- you need to escape from an engulfing storm as it destroys everything in its path. He needs to save villagers in his city. As he does so, he gets upgrades that give him a new ability to reach the end of the level and progress. It’s a simple concept but it’s garnered the interest of many players. The game is pretty short, and there are a few chase scenes here and there, but it’s still worthy of an experience.

Shu will be rolling out to the Switch on the 23rd of January 2018. It’ll cost you just under $10 for the e-copy. Platformer players should definitely check this game out.

Here’s a gameplay video.