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Target adds a gifiting option on its website for the picky

Tired of having to choose the perfect gift for someone? (Does it even exist?)

target giftnow button
Target adds a feature for the lazy (and picky).

Now, you can easily send your giftee an e-gift. Target has silently launched this feature and it’s currently available for thousands of items on its website.

How it works is you find something on Target’s site. Instead of adding the item to your cart like you normally would, you click a “GiftNow” button. It then gets “delivered” to the recipient via email where they can adjust the gift or even exchange it before it fully ships. After they confirm it, it’ll ship according to their specifics.

So, what’s the point of this?

It’s probably aimed at those who are just extremely picky about their gifts, or gifters who are lazy (or just bad gifters). This makes it very easy for anyone to make the purchase for someone else but lets them choose exactly what they want.

It works the same way as a gift card, but it allows some degree of the gifter choosing the gift so it looks like they put in some thought. but then again, it’s easy to just get on Target and make it look like you did some work.

Target isn’t the first to do this. Brands like┬áToken, Loop Commerce, and Jifiti have all been doing this for a while. But now with a big box like Target joining the trend, it could be the start of something lazy.

You’d think a gift card or cash card would be enough, but apparently not. This is like a gift card that’s tied to a specific product with a small degree of customization for the recipient.

It can, however, work well if you want to have Target ship a gift to someone who you don’t know too well. No address input is required- all that’s needed is their email. So you could use this for people who you want to gift something to but aren’t that personal with.

Either way, the feature was announced for the holidays but Target has confirmed that it’s here to stay.