Black Ops IIII is set for release.

Black Ops 4 getting a major update – vehicles, maps, weapons, and more

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is bringing out the big guns- err, vehicles. And lots of other stuff.

That’s right. The latest battle royale craze from Activision is finally rolling out with some vehicles. A bunch of teasers for BO4’s next major release have been sprinkled here and there, but now Treyarch has dropped a new update that releases at least two new vehicles that’ll roll out of the game’s Blackout mode. Oh yes.

This update will be coming on Tuesday, the 19th. The trailer shows of two vehicles- a muscle car and an awesome police SUV. They’ll be super fast as they’re both just blazing across the screen and the helicopter/ATV are also present ints he background.

This is just icing on the cake though. Next week, BO4 will be getting some heists, robberies, and more. And if you’re BO Pass owner, you’ll be getting more maps such as a police station. Does this have to do with the vehicles? Probably. Who knows? It’s freakin’ awesome. This will be the update that fans have been waiting for and this will be the update that’ll bring players back to the game.

Activision says this will be one of the biggest BO4 updates to date and they’ll be delivering for sure. Other than game modes, new maps, balancing, vehicles, weapons, cosmetics, and Blackout map updates, fans will be happy no matter what, unless they’re that demanding. There will also be new multiplayer modes and even possible Zombies maps. We’ll have to see how much content the game will actually be getting, but we shouldn’t expect anything less.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the latest entry into the BO lineup and it’s the first BO game to have a battle royale. You can pick it up on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.