Blizzard confirms Diablo projects are in the works – keyword “projects”

Blizzard made headlines a few weeks back with a job listing for a Diablo dungeon designer. A Diablo game was confirmed to be in the works, but there was no other news. It wasn’t confirmed whether it’d be a new game or just a remake, but speculators say it had to be a new game because of the job posting’s details.

It’s been a whole 6 years size Diablo III came out and the community is stoked to see another title in the works. Now, Blizzard has finally released some more details about the long-running series. Brandy Camel, Diablo Community Manager tells the world in a recent video that multiple projects are in the works which will be revealed later this year. Camel also talks about the recent introduction of themed seasons in the latest game with the first season being Greed.

The ARPG genre has always been the game’s core mechanic. Blizzard ridding this would be very surprising, though they’ve done this type of move before with Warcraft.

For players who haven’t revisited the game, it’s a good time to get excited again and new content is still being pumped out while we wait for the next game. Blizzcon is coming on November 2nd and there will likely be an announcement then. How many projects? Is it a direct sequel? is it a new game? Will it be traditional or new? Fans are excited. Sit tight for more announcements.