Days Gone 1.30 update adds QoL, new challenges 1

Days Gone 1.30 update adds QoL, new challenges

The latest update to Days Gone adds some new accessibility options.

Bend Studio has been working hard on getting these new options out to the players. And in patch 1.30, Days Gone is now updated with a bunch of additional options.

For starters, players can now disable controller speakers, which is probably one of the most annoying features when you don’t want it. When you’re using headphones, it defeats the purpose.

Other QoL updates to Days Gone such as the option for repeated button presses (turbo mode), horizontal inversion, subtitle sizing, camera tracking, spring activation, and even subtitle speaker names.

Plenty of good stuff from Bend to show their single-player game still gets support.

A lot of these options should be included at the start, but then again, Bend is a small studio that’s been working on getting these updates out there. So kudos to Bend for making this happen.

If you own a copy of Days Gone, you can update to 1.30 for these QoL updates and some new challenges.

The update is now up and running.