Borderlands 3's ping system works just like Apex Legends' 1

Borderlands 3’s ping system works just like Apex Legends’

Gearbox has announced that Borderlands 3 will have a way to ping friends similar to how Apex Legends currently does the system.

Gearbox wants to make the online co-op more user-friendly, so taking the near-perfect ping system in Apex Legends and splicing it into Borderlands 3 only makes sense, right?

The system lets you basically mark anything on your screen- from enemies, NPCs, loot, and map locations. This means you can tell your teammates where to go and what to do- but them listening depends on them and that’s another story.

A new trailer released by Gearbox demonstrates this system and you can see it’s nearly effortless and nearly everything can be pinged with perfect accuracy. Technically, you could communicate this way and don’t even need to speak with your teammates.

Borderlands 3 will also have fully remappable controls, captioning, subtitles, and adaptive controller support for Xbox. You can also play with players that aren’t in the same level bracket by level syncing for all- pretty awesome.

Borderlands 3 is scheduled for release in September and there will also be DLC available for Borderlands 2- even though the game proves to be dated. But that OK. Gearbox is still bringing the heat and fans are stoked.