Two new Nintendo Switch models to be produced, rumors say.

Miyamoto doesn’t believe Nintendo is “falling behind” on VR, cloud computing

Do you think Nintendo has fallen behind for online multiplayer and VR?

Many would probably agree. It’s 2019. We still can’t even send messages to friends yet. But Nintendo veteran Shigeru Miyamoto believes otherwise.

During a QA session with shareholders, the company was suggested to be “slow” to join things like VR, mobile games, and even cloud gaming, which both MIcrosoft and Sony has been developing for some time now.

Miyamoto states that they haven’t fallen behind on any of these fronts and states that they’ve been working “on them from the very beginning, and have been experimenting with them in a variety of ways.”

Cloud gaming is another forefront where Sony and Microsoft have actually teamed up to pioneer. Since Nintendo will be riding this trail solo from what we can see so far, he states that cloud gaming “will become more widespread in the future” but he still believes that local games will be fun.

Nintendo hasn’t ever been the tech leader for any generation, except maybe back in the handheld premier days. They make up for this by producing some amazing first-party titles and a kid-friendly appeal. They’ve recently launched their online service and have amassed nearly 10M players, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

Some basic features are missing, such as friend messaging and still using friend codes, which is way outdated and just cumbersome.

However, with Miyamoto’s input, perhaps we can still hold onto the thought that Nintendo may adapt to new tech. But then again, when you’re selling millions of copies and consoles and not having to utilize R/D for the latest tech, why bother?