Bulletstorm 2? Quite possible, depending on fan demand 1

Bulletstorm 2? Quite possible, depending on fan demand

Bulletstorm 2 wants to be made, but developer People Can Fly aren’t too sure about putting in their resources if the people don’t want it.

Bulletstorm was a pretty average game. Let’s face it.

And most people didn’t care for it. But now, People Can Fly want to put out Bulletstorm 2. And they’re looking for audience attention first before they confirm that this is something they actually want to use their time on.

The developer knows that the original Bulletstorm was just critically acclaimed, and surely they can make the game a success with the sequel, right? They’re trying to bring back interest by re-releasing the game on modern consoles and test the waters, and from this they’ll probably get a good gauge on the fan demand.

Other than Bulletstorm 2, People Can Fly is already busy with their project Outriders (planned for 2020). But depending on how the game does on consoles, such as the Switch this summer, they’ll see if they want to make Bulletstorm 2 a reality.

CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski of People Can Fly states that they want to bring the game back:

“We’re still not sure what that means but obviously since this is our IP – we own the IP – and the IP is known and has its fans, we would like to do something about it.”

Sebastian Wojciechowski