Bungie releases update “roadmap” for Destiny 2

After the many waves of criticism for Bungie’s Destiny 2, they’ve finally laid out a “roadmap” for its players to clam the tides.

The specifics of it are pretty scarce, as it’s mainly just random titles like you’d see on a to-do list. But at least it shows Bungie is working towards improving Destiny 2 and it’s taking action- whether in the players’ favor or not. It’s pretty much just an outline of what you should expect from the AAA title in the coming seasons.

Some noticeable improvements include fixes to criticisms from the players tied to the main gameplay. It should receive some updates like public chat on the PC version and also a rate change to the duplicate Exotic items. There will also be Nightfall exclusive rewards as well. This is all planned by February 27.

By March 27, one month later, there should be new updates to abilities and weapons that balances the game as well as Crucible playlist and gameplay tweaks and Heroic Strike modifiers.

Later in May, it’ll get Eater of World’s Prestige Mode and Private Matches as well. The mod system will also be improved.

The roadmap isn’t set in stone though. It’s pretty much just ideas on a board and everything is just planned. But it gives the impression that Bungie is focusing on updates that will make Destiny 2 a game worth playing again. Sit tight for updates.

Image via Bungie.