Can't play the Anthem VIP demo? Here are some workarounds. 1

Can’t play the Anthem VIP demo? Here are some workarounds.

Players are still trying to get into the Anthem VIP demo over this busy weekend, and they’re still having problems.

If you’re one of those paying customers who pre-ordered Anthem, or you’re an EA/Origin subscriber, you’re probably getting a bunch of disconnects or the constant “error retrieving Anthem live service data” message.

EA has already annouced that their servers are being overloaded with players and are continuing to work on fixing issues related to the VIP demo. Most players are able to log on now and only a smaller percentage are struggling. The demo went live yesterday and players flooded the servers. EA has now managed to fix the problem and players are now getting back on the game.

There were a ton of connectivity and login issues overnight but they’re resolved now as of this writing. If you’re still having problems, the easiest solution is to simply relaunch the game or wait in the queue. This seems to be the best way to get into the demo with a stable gameplay session.

There are a few current workarounds if you’ve tried everything and still can’t get some of that sweet, sweet Anthem demo.

  • If you’re getting the infinite loading screens when launching the game or entering an expedition, or if it’s stuck at 95%, restart the game.
  • Getting the “Game server detected, do you want to rejoin?” error? Just click “Yes.”
  • Players on Xbox One may not have access to the VIP demo. If this is you, just restart your console.
  • Stuck in a queue? Wait patiently until it’s your turn.
  • For most problems, a simple restart is all that’s needed.
  • Other problems that some players are reporting include getting stuck at the Anthem title screen, unable to access their demo friend codes, or Javelin unlock problems.

You can reach out to EA Help on Twitter to ask specific questions or follow along for updates.

The Anthem VIP demo runs until January 28.