EA struggles with Anthem VIP demo server problems 1

EA struggles with Anthem VIP demo server problems

Trying to get in on some Anthem and getting the dreaded “error retrieving Anthem live service data” message? You’re not alone.

Given that this is a VIP demo, this is for paying customers. And EA still couldn’t get it right. Or they weren’t expecting this kind of turnout. The problem is that the servers are full, so you obviously can’t log in and you’ll just hang there until the next process.

Players are tiring to bombard the Anthem servers by logging in to get their piece of the action. But the servers have reached maximum capacity and players aren’t able to get in without constantly trying over and over again. Other users get logged in, but then get kicked off afterward. But most players had the best success by waiting in the queue to log in to the server, so that’s the best approach if you really want to secure your spot.

EA tweeted that they’re currently trying to best to get more server capacity to the VIP demo for Anthem, which will only get even more players next weekend when everyone can join in. Will they get it fixed by then? Probably.

EA has also tweeted that they’re looking into a problem where the demo just loads infinitely and suggests that you try rejoining a mission or just relaunching Anthem entirely to fix the problem.

Anthem has been confirmed to have “gone gold” last week. The game will also not have loot crates and be purely cosmetical in microtransactions. There will also be no cross-play.

Anthem VIP is now live and runs until Sunday, January 27. So if you pre-ordered the game, get in now and be one of the first players to witness this game before it rolls out.