Axiom Verge will be free on Epic Games Store 1

Axiom Verge will be free on Epic Games Store

The next free game from the Epic Games Store will be Axiom Verge.

This is a widely popular indie Metroidvania game currently available on both PC and consoles. It’ll be free to download for two weeks during the first week of February. The game was developed by Tom Happ and plays like an action-adventure game where you need to escape an alien world.

You’ll learn more about it and the backstory of why you were trapped. You’ll have platforming elements combined with weapons, equipment, and abilities to aid you.

You can check out this video to get a feel for the gameplay of Axiom Verge:

The game will become available on the Epic Games Store starting on February¬†7. Right now, you can get the Jackbox Party Pack until it’ replaced by Axiom Verge. The next game will roll out on February 21, which is yet to be annouced.

So far, they’ve given us Subnautica, Super Meat Boy, and What Remains of Edith Finch. Who knows what’s next? These games are completely free to play and keep with just an account.