Apex Legends: A Titanfall battle royale, slated to release February 4

Apex Legends: A Titanfall battle royale, slated to release February 4 1

A new free-to-play game that’s set in the Titanfall storyline is slated to release tomorrow, February 4. According to speculators, the game will be a battle royale game based on the Titanfall lore based on many rumors online. Although none of them, from what I read, has concrete evidence, what they say is truly believable. … Read more

Mortal Kombat 11 Kollector’s Edition comes with a life-size replica of Scorpion’s mask

Mortal Kombat 11 Kollector's Edition comes with a life-size replica of Scorpion's mask 2

During the Mortal Kombat 11 live stream yesterday, we got some new deets about the next entry into the long-running series. A total of 5 characters were revealed, with one of them being new to the series with time control abilities. Along with that, we also saw a glimpse of the new levels and customization options. … Read more

Black Ops 4 Operation Zero DLC released; Exclusive content for Black Ops Pass owners

Black Ops 4 Operation Zero DLC released; Exclusive content for Black Ops Pass owners 3

Treyarch has been on a content spree recently with a bunch of new releases for their latest title Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. For starters, they just put out a special edition Battle Edition which includes just the Blackout battle royale mode and the Multiplayer mode. The Zombies mode has been removed to save … Read more

Nintendo adds 3 more classic NES games to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo adds 3 more classic NES games to Nintendo Switch Online 4

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be getting a new trio of titles to the library this December.

The three new games for December 2018 are Ninja Gaiden, Adventures of Lolo, and Wario’s Woods.

Nintendo Switch Online debuted this past September and is the official and only way to play the Switch online. Playing online for Nintendo has been a free service, but Nintendo has “switched” to the paid method of offering online gameplay.

This should improve the overall service as now members are paying for an online experience (remember SSB Brawl online?) Other than being able to play against others (and with them), players will get a library of classic titles added to the service each month similar to Games with Gold for Xbox One and PlayStation’s offerings.

Nintendo has announced that the three new NES games will be available on the Switch starting December 12, 2018. The three games are pretty awesome and allow some veterans to relive some of the frustrations growing up with these games (Ninja Gaiden in particular).

Additional games will be added in January 2019 as an ongoing basis. We’ve seen Nintendo add games in packs of 3, so it’s likely going to be another trio. Nintendo has also confirmed that the NES Joy-Con controllers will be shipped starting next week for those who bought them. These are special retro controllers made just for playing the NES titles in 1:1 fashion.

The service costs $3.99 a month, $7.99 for 3 months, or $19.99 a year. There are also additional plans for multiple people. Some pretty good games have already been made available on the paid plan, namely Donkey Kong and the original Super Mario Bros.

You can get more details about the program here.

Cooking Simulator delayed until Q1 2019

Cooking Simulator delayed until Q1 2019 5

Cooking Simulator has been delayed until early 2019 based on a post on the Steam Community page.

Cooking Simulator is exactly what it sounds like- you cook. As awkwardly as possible. The game is aiming for a realistic take on cooking with realistic graphics and a bunch of awesome things you can do in the game. Of course, it’s fun to cook up meals as directed, but it’s even more fun to microwave some tin foil and light the place on fire.

Gameplay will be as expected with any simulator game. There will real representations of food and the plenty of recipes that come along with them. You can expect realistic graphics and real-life cooking recipes. There will be a career mode where you can make dishes and build up your reputation and unlock more recipes. And there will be a sandbox mode, which I’d assume is where players will turn it into their own rendition of Overcooked.

Cooking Simulator was originally planned to be released sooner, but the devs have pushed it back to make sure it’s “prepped.” No jokes, please.

They may miss out on Christmas sales, but Wastelands Interactive wants to make things right with a polished game rather than rush it out full of bugs, like *ahem* Fallout 76.

Cooking Simulator can be added to your wishlist if you want to keep tabs on the game. It’ll come out early 2019 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Console editions will debut later. PC will debut first. And there will be a possible VR version at some point.

There’s an official trailer that you can check out below:

Skybound updates progress on The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Skybound updates progress on The Walking Dead: The Final Season 6

Telltale Games announced that it would shutting down a few months back and has since dissolved into pretty much nothingness. On September 21st, they released news that they would no longer be able to continue making games due to not enough sales figure to support the company. They said they would lay off staff and keep a skeletal staff of 25 or so, but they’ve been laid off also.

Fans were upset and wondered what would happen to their project they were working on- The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Robert Kirkman then came in to the rescue with Skybound Entertainment, which announced that they would complete the series with the original developers of the game for consistency and complete the game.

Since then, all we’ve heard is that they’ve picked up the title and nothing much else- other than Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode series on Netflix getting delayed and failed to launch on debut day.

Today, Skybound has come around and updated fans on their official page announcing that they’re resuming development for the final episode of the game:

“It’s been a ton of work logistically and legally to get us to a place where we’re able to roll up our sleeves and get to the actual work. We’re excited to let you know that many of the talented, passionate team members who originally worked on the game are resuming development efforts today!”

Skybound will release the details about both episodes, including release dates, shortly and make it clear to fans that they’re working on finishing up the game. Fans who’ve bought the entire season before Telltale shut down won’t have to buy the same episodes again. The wheels are in motion now for sure.

Telltale’s final project will be completed and we’ll get a final closure to Clementine’s story. Although Telltale is no more, their developers still have the same touch and probably are finding new jobs elsewhere- with the community being very supportive of these ex-employees and some even offering jobs to them.

With Skybound picking up the original developers, we should get a good, emotionally-gripping storyline that fans have come to expect from The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Stay tuned for updates.

New Nuketown trailer released for Black Ops 4; Live tomorrow for PS4

New Nuketown trailer released for Black Ops 4; Live tomorrow for PS4 7

Treyarch will be releasing their signature map Nuketown for Black Ops 4 tomorrow. After teasing fans with Russian tweets a few times with various captions welcoming players back to the map, Treyarch finally released a full-fledged trailer showing off the map in snowy Russia.

Nuketown is one of the most popular maps in every single Call of Duty: Black Ops entry. The map is known for its claustrophobic environments and fast-paced gameplay. Black Ops 4 developer Treyarch has hinted that it’ll feature a winter theme and that it’ll take place in Russia with Russian language tweets. There was no solid confirmation about this nor enough screenshots to go around to actually confirm this speculation- until today.

Treyarch posted a new trailer to their official Call of Duty account and the trailer gives a nice collage of scenes showing off the new Nuketown map. I’d have guessed that the map would be slightly more evening-like from the screenshots, but it takes place in high noon from the trailer. There also seems to be a lot more solid objects with less imposing architecture than expected. But this makes for some fast-paced action given that the objects you can take cover behind are just basic shapes.

You can check out the trailer below:

The tiny map looks extremely hectic and the Russian setting only makes it more chaotic. A few Specialists are showcased in the trailer taking cover and firing in this Cold War setting. The pair of houses are also back and rendered with extreme quality this time around. We can also see a secret tunnel that you can drive your RC-DXs through for some sneak attacks. And there may be a way to launch the actual nuke in the center of the map- that’d be freakin’ awesome.

Nuketown is set to launch tomorrow for PlayStation owners, then a week later for Xbox One and PC players as part of Sony and Activision’s partnership.

Prima Games will be shutting down for good Spring 2019

Prima Games will be shutting down for good Spring 2019 8

Prima Games, a once very popular video game strategy guide publisher, will be shutting down after Spring 2019 based on reports from EGM Now and Variety.

Prima Games is owned by parent company Dorling Kindersley. They announced the closure for the publisher which has offices in Roseville, Indianapolis, and New York. The Roseville office is already in the process of shutting down, while the Indianapolis office will keep a small skeletal staff until March 2019. The New York office is unknown at this point.

The video game strategy guide publisher debuted back in 1990 and has since published millions of strategy guides for thousands upon thousands of games. Prima bought out their main competitor known as BradyGames back in 2013 when parent company Penguin Group merged with Random House to create a new company called Penguin Random House.

Prime ha attractive art covers with hot video game tips on the latest titles released. They covered AAA games and lesser-known titles. Prime also printed art books and hardcover strategy guides. GameStop has been a major outlet for their magazines but now they’ll no longer be required to sell guides when you buy pre-orders and other promos.

Variety reports a statement from a spokesperson via email from GameStop:

“I can confirm that the decision has been made to no longer commission new Prima Games strategy guides and the U.S.-based imprint will be discontinued in Spring 2019, we are in conversations with the Prima Games team and cannot comment on this further at this point.”

Strategy guides are pretty much accessible on-demand now with digital print. They’re obsolete with the vast amount of free walkthroughs, game tips, cheats, and other reviews all on the internet. Community-powered wikis and other guides are all available for free and instantly without a payment, so strategy guides on print have no place to compete nowadays.

Diablo 4 confirmed for PC; Blizzard to announce “when time is right”

Diablo 4 confirmed for PC; Blizzard to announce "when time is right" 9

Let’s be real: Diablo Immortal was an upset for the diehard Diablo fans out there. Although Blizzard spoke about giving Diablo Immortal a try and attempting to reach a global audience, the rest of us don’t care. We just want a real, Diablo game that’s following Diablo 3 (or 2, if that’s your thing).

Blizzard announced they were working on multiple Diablo projects after the huge upset, and today, we can see that they definitely are. According to Kotaku, Blizzard was going to announce that Diablo 4 was being developed this past weekend at BlizzCon, but it was cut at the last minutes!

No footage of the game was going to be revealed, but rather the presentation would involve Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham (the same guy who told the crowd to give Diablo Immortal a try) tell the crowd about the game in a video which would be shown at the end of the keynote. This was their plan, but they decided to stop and pull it because they’re not “ready to commit to an announcement.”

But this isn’t solid evidence- it’s a just report. Whether or not you choose to fume at Blizzard more is your choice. But fans have been asking for a new entry for years now, and Blizzard said they had multiple projects in the works many times before.

Does that mean we’re just getting a phone game and a possible project with no details? That’s not enough to quell the fans.

And that’s when we were all reminded that the Internet isn’t always truthful.

Blizzard went out and told Kotaku the truth.

Blizzard has been disputing that the video was going to be shown at BlizzCon. Blizzard stated that no announcement has been pulled from BlizzCon this year and the company is listening to the fans and will announce the other projects at the right time.

Kotaku could confirm the video was recorded and Diablo 4 is in active development.

Blizzard’s statement is as follows:

“First off we want to mention that we definitely hear our community. We generally don’t comment on rumors or speculation, but we can say that we didn’t pull any announcements from BlizzCon this year or have plans for other announcements. We do continue to have different teams working on multiple unannounced Diablo projects, and we look forward to announcing when the time is right.”

Fortnite ending Fortnitemares with in-game live event today; Butterfly begins?

Fortnite ending Fortnitemares with in-game live event today; Butterfly begins? 10

The speculated Butterfly event in Fortnite will go live today at 1PM ET/10AM PT/12PM CT/7PM CET and will mark the official end of Fortnitemares. Kevin the Purple Cube will finally meet his demise, and this is a one-time live event happening in Fortnite. You’ll likely never be able to see this again- in person at least. So get ready to witness history.

Everything we know comes from data miners and data leaks with various game files that are pieced together with speculation to guesstimate what’ll happen during this new event. The Butterfly kickoff event will likely only last a few minutes, so be sure you’re logged in if you want to watch it live for yourself.

This isn’t the first time Epic has done an in-game live event, such as last time when the rocket was blasted and many players tuned in to watch it happen. The same goes for the Butterfly event. Be there or be square. This isn’t an NPC quest in an MMO where everyone gets to see the event upon mouse click.

Players had problems with matchmaking queues during Season 4 with the rocket launch, so be there early- at least 10 minutes early before the event. If you’re reading this now, the Butterfly event starts in a little over 30 minutes from now. You should probably look into Fortnite and prime your cursor!

With the launch of Butterfly, Fortnitemares will come to an end. Epic Games still hasn’t specified which game modes the event will be visible in, other than it won’t be in Playground LTM. Stick with Solo, Duos, or Squads in Fortnitemares. No Disco Domination.

Navigate over to Leaky Lake and find the Purple Cube and watch out for enemies. If you get eliminated you won’t have time to get into a new game. Try spectating other players if you get killed. There are rumors that players will be invulnerable during the event, but there hasn’t been any solid confirmation yet, so be careful.

Kevin the Cube cracked open yesterday and started leaking yesterday. The Purple Cube looks like it’s about to end itself and data miners have gathered that it’ll split into three fragments with Leaky Lake returning to its previous appearance as Loot Lake with some new islands added to the map, though we’re not sure what they are. Probably related to Butterfly.

We’ll post an update after the event. See you at Leaky Lake!

Players “locked” out of PT on PS4; Konami denies allegations

Players "locked" out of PT on PS4; Konami denies allegations 11

A few days ago, a rumor surfaced the web that Konami had recently released a new update for their horror game PT that was locking the game for specific players and making it unable to be played. However, this didn’t seem to be a legitimate action even with more player reports all over the ‘net.

Now, Konami has spoken on the issue. They said that there’s indeed been no new update to PT in version 1.01 that would’ve locked the game.

A statement sent to DualShockers read as follows:

“After our investigation we can confirm that there have been no Konami or PlayStation Network (PSN) update that would have affected or prevent access to the game.”

So that’s the confirmation we’ve been looking for. They never prevented access to the game. Though some players can’t access the game on their PS4, this is likely due to a licensing issue or region issue. The whole story could’ve been a hoax from the beginning, but with Koanim’s word, that’s straight from the horse’s mouth.

Though we can’t confirm the whereabouts of this story, we at least know that the developer didn’t actually take any action to lock the game. That’s about as much as we can confirm about the whole uprising. But if any other news surfaces, we’ll keep you updated. We suggest deleting PT and redownloading it if you can’t play the game right now on your PS4. Then again, this is just a demo. People do like drama.

Fortnite’s new trailer shows off floating balloons. And floating clowns.

Fortnite's new trailer shows off floating balloons. And floating clowns. 12

With Halloween and Fortnitemares going all out, it’s officially time for some clowns. That’s right. Clowns.

The debut of Fortnite’s next event with creepy carnival folk may just feel like Halloween never left the game. Fortnite’s latest trailer is all about freaky clowns playing with their newest item- balloons. Season six is currently in full swing as new items continue to make the game more zany and crazier than ever.

Although some streamers disapprove of them, they keep the game feeling fresh and fun for the rest of us. The newest addition is the simple party balloon. But this is enough to string up some new starts for the most popular game on the planet right now. They seem like a handy tool to have in the assassin’s arsenal.

They can be used to gain altitude to quickly advance up and attack opponents who’ve built higher towers. The distance traveled is determined by how many balloons you’re carrying. There are also clowns in the trailer all brandishing huge mallets as they use balloons to sneak up and scale the edge of towers silently to take out their prey. With a little help from these balloons, players can easily transcend tall ledges with ease.

This adds a new dimension to the game and new strategies. Perhaps they’ll be part of the new Fortnite “meta?” Who knows. I’m not a professional player. I just know that clowns are scary.

Fortnite is available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can also play it on Switch, Mac, iOS, and Android will full cross-platform play between each platform. The world’s most popular battle royale is beginning a new season, so jump in and join the craze. Fortnitemares is still going on, so join in while you can get the scares. Halloween may be over in real life, but it ain’t in Fortnite.

New titles coming to Xbox Games Pass; Sniper Elite 4, Sheltered, and more

New titles coming to Xbox Games Pass; Sniper Elite 4, Sheltered, and more 13

Microsoft has now announced a new batch of games which will be coming to Xbox Game Pass to start off the month. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription-based program that offers a rotating library of games for $9.99 a month. You can think of it as the Netflix of Xbox.

The most noteworthy title coming soon is Sniper Elite 4– which is the most recent entry in the series which was released just last year in 2017. The other games are indie skateboarding game Olli Olli 2 XL Edition and the post-apocalyptic game Sheltered. Lastly, Rise and Shine and Grip: Combat Racing will be the final additions.

Microsft has said that these titles won’t be the only game hitting the program as they have some hidden surprises to reveal during XO18, which will be shown off in a special edition of Inside Xbox during XO18.

This is a lot of good news for Game Pass, as it’s obvious Microsoft is trying to promote the program aggressively. With special entry offers and even rumors that they’re incorporating the service for PC gamers, it must be very profitable. Though we’re not sure when this will take place, we can keep our eyes peeled for an announcement at XO18.

Black Ops 4: New Zombies trailer, new maps, launch day news

Black Ops 4: New Zombies trailer, new maps, launch day news 14

A new video was uploaded to the official PlayStation YouTube channel, which shows Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Zombies game mode Director, Jason Blundell, giving a developer’s behind-the-scenes look at the new game maps which will be available on launch day. He puts it to the fans that he’s clearly excited about this version of Zombies as you can tell by his enthusiasm during the video (linked within the article).

Previous CoD games launched with only a single Zombies map, but this time around, there will be a whole trio of Zombies maps for players to shoot down the undead- they’re called XI, Blood of the Dead, and Voyage of Despair.

IX has players going back in time to a medieval-like arena with costumes to match the craze. Players will be able to experience the all the violence and gore that once was in the olden days. The whole map is decorated with medieval-themed objects and the player costumes are ridiculous, funny, and awesome at the same time. If there’s any map I’m going to play first, it’s going to be this one for sure. Going back in time is much nicer than going forward, no?

Blood of the Dead previous map that was once used in the series already, so it’s a retro map in a way. Think the map Mob of the Dead back in Black Ops II. Now reimagine it with a similar theme and construct, and you have a new map. Players will see the familiar NPCs as they attempt to escape from the prisoner’s island.

Voyage of Despair is another map that involves time travel where players will go back in time to the Titanic and duke it out on the infamous ship. But this time, Blundell says there’s “more to the situation than just icebergs.” You can run around the ship and see crashing waves, ship-themed objects, and zombies as far as you can see!

The Zombies game mode has become a staple of the CoD series. Ever since its debut as an easter egg back in CoD: World at War in 2008, the game mode has grown into a fan-demanded no-holds-barred adrenaline-fueled experience.

Blackout will be the first time CoD has attempted a battle royale mode. So far, it has seen a lot of praise during beta testing. This could be another “Zombies” in the making.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches on October 12th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. See launch day notes if you’re amped.

SoulCalibur VI: Inferno screenshots and character reveal trailer

SoulCalibur VI: Inferno screenshots and character reveal trailer 15

Bandai Namco recently announced that the evil Inferno will be joining the roster of playable characters in SoulCalibur VI. To follow up with the burning news, the publisher released a press release with some artowkr and screenshots- to answer some burning questions from fans.

Inferno is the burning embodiment of Soul Edge’s will which is a fusion of many souls its absorbed in its evil lifetime. He has no goals, but he likes to fight and get more souls.

SoulCalibur VI: Inferno screenshots and character reveal trailer 16 SoulCalibur VI: Inferno screenshots and character reveal trailer 17

The screenshots released were more than concept art. They’re fleshed out and almost look like beta footage, but they better, because the game comes out in just a few weeks. The released artwork is likely the near-final concept of Inferno for the game. He’s shrouded by burning fire. The flames that surround him range from orange to purple and he’s definitely on fire.

You can get more info about the game from producer Motohiro Okubo on the current and past situation of the SoulCalibur titles and why the sixth game took so long to create. He was interviewed at Gamesom with DualShockers.

There are also rumors that one of the DLC characters could be a guest character from another franchise, specifically, Geralt from The Witcher series.

SoulCalibur VI rolls out on October 19th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Capcom announces Capcom Connect; Giving away codes for Street Fighter IV

Capcom announces Capcom Connect; Giving away codes for Street Fighter IV 18

Capcom has announced a new weekly live stream called Capcom Connect, which will take place on Capcom Fighters Twitch channel every Tuesday starting at 8 PM PT. The show’s all about Street Fighter with news, updates, matches between pros and local players, and code giveaways.

Capcom Connect will be hosted in partnership with the Esports Arena in Oakland, California. The stream will be broadcasted mainly to allow Capcom to connect with the Street Fighter community, ranging from professional esport players to casual fans who watch streams.

The show will cover news about the Capcom Pro Tour tournaments, announcements, fan art, cosplay, pro interviews, and matchups between pro and local talent all over the nation and possibly globally also.

Viewers will get a free chance to redeem codes for Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition by tweeting to Capcom FIghters by using a unique hashtag identifier before 8:15 PM PT on September 25th- the show’s premiere day. The codes are currently reserved for North American viewers.

Devil May Cry 5 new key art, pricing, and Deluxe Edition goodies revealed

Devil May Cry 5 new key art, pricing, and Deluxe Edition goodies revealed 19

Capcom is surviving its Devil May Cry fans. After the DMC5 trailer was released earlier yesterday, Capcom then went on to reveal some major details regarding the Deluxe Edition of the upcoming entry into the long-running series.

For starters, a new piece of key art was shown off for the Deluxe Edition of Devil May Cry 5. The art looks similar to the standard key art- it contains Dante, Nero, and the newly revealed V all standing next to each other with Nico and the Devil May Cry van in the background. This is some pretty awesome key art and gives that “badassery” the game deserves.

The Deluxe Edition will contain a few extra goodies, namely the following (taken from the Microsoft Store page):

  • Devil Breaker weapons: Gerbera GP01, Pasta Breaker, Sweet Surrender, Mega Buster
  • Dante weapon: Cavaliere R
  • Battle music: 3 tracks each from Devil May CryDevil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 3, and Devil May Cry 4
  • Alternative voices: Style Rank Announcers, Title Calls
  • Live Action Cutscenes

And for pre-orders, players will receive:

  • Alt Hero Colors (Nero, Dante)
  • Alt Heroine Colors (Nico, Lady, Trish)
  • Buster Arm Early Access (new weapon for Nero)
  • 100,000 Red Orbs

The Deluxe Edition retails for $69.99, which is just a measly $10 more than the base game price at $59.99. Hey- it’s cheap for a Deluxe Edition compared to other AAA titles. Fans will likely opt for the Deluxe Edition for the extras. The physical version of Devil May Cry 5 isn’t available for pre-order yet but will be available soon considering that it’s already available for digital retail.

DMC5 is scheduled for release on March 8th, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned for updates.

Nintendo Switch Online goes live tonight. But, maintenance first.

Nintendo Switch Online goes live tonight. But, maintenance first. 20

Nintendo Switch Online will finally go live tonight- the 18th of September. After many long waits and a much-overdue service, players will be able to upload their game saves to the cloud, play classic NES titles, and finally- play games online. With some exceptions, of course.

Nintendo’s official date for the launch of Nintendo Switch Online is today, however, it won’t go live until about three hours of Nintendo eShop maintenance. Just the final frontier before the service goes live to the public. A post on their support site says that the eShop maintenance will take place from 5 PM to 8 PM PST.

Afterward, players can then purchase membership plans from the eShop or Nintendo’s site. MyNintendo Gold Coins can be used to make a purchase for both the Individual and Family membership subscriptions.

You can check out a full list of features that Switch Online will offer here. One thing worth mentioning is that Nintendo cloud saves won’t be compatible with all games. This means some games will continue to be saved locally on your console.

Pricing starts at $3.99 a month, $7.99 for three months, $19.99 for a year, or $34.99 for a plan that covers between 2-7 people (Family Plan). There will also be a free trial that lasts one week for players who want to try it out before making the purchase.

NES Classic controllers coming out exclusively for Switch Online subscribers

NES Classic controllers coming out exclusively for Switch Online subscribers 21

Nintendo is coming out with a classics NES controller as part of the Nintendo Switch online service. The controllers are modeled after the original NES controllers and can be attached to the Switch. They have the same control scheme as the original controller and plug in to recharge just like the Joy-Cons.

With these controllers, you can “play the classics they’re meant to be played!”

This special controller is likely for the huge library of NES games that’ll be available for players as the online service will release a ton of classic games.

Each controller can be used separately for the co-op NES games. Shipments will begin in mid-December 2018 and will run you $59.99 USD for a pair. To order them, you’ll have to be on the lookout as they’ll be available for order as a special offer for online subscribers at a later date that’s yet to be announced.

Their sales page currently says “New offers will be added, so be sure to check back regularly” and that they’re “Exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online members.”

If you’re a fan of the NES classics, you’ll want to look into these controllers.

Image: Nintendo.

Xbox Australia unveils an extremely rare PUBG-themed grease-proof controller

Xbox Australia unveils an extremely rare PUBG-themed grease-proof controller 22

The Australian branch of Xbox just unveiled a new PUBG-themed Xbox controller. But it’s not just another typical controller skinned with a game theme. This one is kinda special.

Too many times, I’m eating when I play games. Whether it’s during the loading screens, cutscenes, or even during mid-combat, I’ll take a bite of something and end up with some greasy or oily fingers. Occasionally, some of that food residue gets onto the controller, to which I’ll have to wipe off later. It’s not really an issue, but it does leave a nasty feeling to it.

This controller is said to be grease-proof. The solution to an issue all gamers have faced sometime or another. If it’s not grease, it’s probably sweat.

The PUBG controller features a gray/green design that’s glossy to the look. It’s line with a special coating that makes it grease-proof and any residue won’t collect on it. If it doesn’t, it’s easy to wipe off. This is something that’s actually useful for once, rather than those overpriced controllers that are just varying in colors and skins. This has an inherent functionality.

However, only 200 have been produced. And there’s no way to buy this thing. And you need to be in Australia. So it’s pretty limited if I had to say so.

Xbox One – Limited Edition Greaseproof Controller

Get ready to control the battleground with our limited edition Greaseproof controller celebrating the launch of PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS – Just reply below with your best ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ story for your chance to win 1 of 5 controllers. #Greaseproof

Posted by Xbox ANZ on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

However, if you don’t care about the theme and you just want the grease-proofing, you can get the two new black or grey/blue variations that were released a few weeks ago.

CoD: WWII Covert Storm event is live – new weapons, challenges, and events

CoD: WWII Covert Storm event is live - new weapons, challenges, and events 23

Earlier this week, Sledgehammer Games revealed a new in-game event for Call of Duty: WWII gamers. It’s called Covert Storm. And it’s a decent one. This event is now live for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

Unlike the previous events, this one adds a ton of content for free, though it’s just a tad less than normal. Three new weapons have also been added:

  • AS-44 AR
  • Prot X-1 SMG
  • VMG 1927 LMG

The AS-44 can be earned by reaching the max level in the Commando Division.

Aside from weapons, newly animated camos and a community challenge are also now live in CoD. This content pack, however, has no new maps with the update. But then again, this is more likely the last event before the next Black Ops game rolls out in October.

For players who’ve already played their share of WWII, you may want to check out the trailer to see what’s new while your game is updating. It pretty much highlights everything that’s new in this update.

Agent 47 goes to Columbia in Hitman 2

Agent 47 goes to Columbia in Hitman 2 24

Warner Bros. and IO Interactive just released a new trailer showing off some footage and backstory for the next entry in the Hitman franchise- Hitman 2.

The trailer shows off the setting of the game which is the country of Columbia. Agent 47 has been sent to Columbia to take on a new series of missions and targets to assassinate.

This is pretty rare as the environment will be natural and probably heavily reliant on natural obstacles rather than buildings and structures. Jungles, forest, and other planted areas should be a refreshing take for players since this is one of the few times the game takes place in such an arena. New and veteran players will both be exposed to a new gameplay environment.

Sarner Bros. posted some more info about the new trailer via press release that was published earlier this week. The following is straight from their release:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive released a new video at PAX West teasing the next destination featured in HITMAN 2 – Colombia. This new setting will put players directly in the heart of a dark and dangerous South American rainforest, providing a vastly different canvas for Agent 47 to carry out his deadly missions. Truly a living, breathing jungle environment with threats lurking around every corner, Colombia will feature a unique gameplay experience with multiple paths to explore, unparalleled game depth and countless interactive possibilities for players. Stay tuned on the HITMAN 2 channels in the coming weeks for more details on this exciting new location.”

Hitman 2 comes out in November for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


Anthem demo rolls out February 1, 2019

Anthem demo rolls out February 1, 2019 25

Bioware announced at PAX West 2018 that their newest title Anthem will be getting a playable demo in February of 2019, which is right ahead of its official release date on February 22nd, 2019. The demo comes out on the first of the month, so the full game is right around the corner.

The Anthem demo will be playable on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. EA will release it to those who are subscribed to EA/Origin Access on Xbox One and PC. PS4 owners will get to play it if they pre-ordered the game already.

At EA’s booth at PAX West, lead producer Mike Gamble said that it’s “not a test or beta” and that it’s a full “slice of our game.” So the game is already complete and will play identically to the beta- well, at least that “slice” of it.

Surviving Mars Da Vinci update live on PC; What’s new?

Surviving Mars Da Vinci update live on PC; What's new? 26

Surviving Mars released a new update this week according to a news post on their Steam Community page.

Surviving Mars is exactly what it sounds like. You need to establish a colony on the planet with just a cargo rocket and some drones and basic resources to start with and you need to expand your colony, build shelter, and explore the planet. The game doesn’t just put you alone on the planet though, you can breed humans to help perform tasks on your base in the harsh environment. You can actually expand beyond a thousand humans if you play well enough.

The game’s newest content patch is called the Da Vinci update. It allows a bunch of new features and balance adjustments to take place in the game. The main feature is Creative Mode, which allows players to basically have a large amount of capital and disable all the nasty diameters in the game in order to build creatively. It’s like RollerCoaster Tycoon on Mars with unlimited cash. It’s basically your typical freedom custom mode. Of course, achievements will be disabled if you’re playing in Creative.

Resource management has also been revamped to make it easier to harvest and utilize materials. Players can set a minimum desired amount of resources on a per-depot basis which allows adequate stockpiles of materiasl in various sections of your colony. The UI has also been improved and simplified. And power producers/consumers will now automatically connect to nearby buildings rather than requiring a tile power cable to be built.

Balance has also been addressed with some tweaks like building power consumption increases or maintenance parts changed. The Electronics Factory now uses machine parts for maintenance. Genius colonists will now grant research if you keep their Sanity high enough and Celebrity colonists will provide funding if their Comfort levels are kept well.

There’s also a Tourist trait for colonists now. Colonists will generate $10M upon arrival and stay for a few days, then leave. When they go back, they’ll bring back two new Tourist applicants. This is pretty cool because players can now establish a vacation destination on Mars and also get some additional income from it!

The Da Vinci update is already live on PC and console launches coming shortly. Another update called the Sagan Update will come next month in September with plenty of challenges along with it.

Star Control: Origins releases Fleet Battles update patch – what’s new?

Star Control: Origins releases Fleet Battles update patch - what's new? 27

Star Control: Origins, a space strategy indie game, just got a whole bunch of new updates in the Fleet Battles Beta patch.

Stardock, the developer, calls the update a major milestone in the game’s progress. It adds a few new ships, maps, weapons, and various improvements overall. The quality of life updates has also been implemented. The beta update is available to all players who pre-purchase the game.

The game is developed by Michigan-based company Stardock Entertainment. Star Control: Origins is the newest game in the series which began back in 1990. The game is different from earlier titles because it takes place in an alternate universe. Origins were announced back in 2016 and are available for PC via Steam on September 20th.

The Fleet Battles mode is probably the major update in this patch. It allows plates to build a fleet of starships and fight other fellers. Players can control fleet and battle enemy fleets, AI, or even with friends in local multiplayer. The game also now offers a fully integrated crafting system, which allows players to create, craft, and build, their own vessels and even share them with others in the Steam Workshop community.

A new gameplay feature has also been added to the game. Scavenging allows players to collect power-ups from destroyed ships found around the battlefields in the game. Each power-up allows players to get abilities like acceleration, restore energy, refill HP, and even get speed bursts.

There are also new ships added to the lineup in this update patch. Two new ships, the Kzinti Intimidator and the Arillou Observer, which both have their own unique features. The former is a “nimble ship equipped with deadly proximity mines and a Repulsor” while the latter can cloak. They both also have their weapon loadouts and players will receive new maps.

Performance improvements include an improved camera, UI, and multiplayer. Stardock has also released new content in the form of DLC, which add music, lore, and concept art. This is only available to players who pre-purchase the game.

Project Loon signs its first commercial deal with Telkom Kenya

Project Loon signs its first commercial deal with Telkom Kenya 28

Project Loon, an internet-delivery ballon system has announced its first commercial deal. It’s a system that spawned from Alphabet’s Project X division where recent Project X will partner with Telkom Kenya to increase internet connectivity in the country. Public details of the deal are still sparse. There’s no timeframe for deployment, financial details, nor press. BBC notes that Telkom Kenya will provide the signal for internet, and Loon will distribute across the country in remote areas.

The project started in 2011. The idea is that instead of building permanent structures to distribute signals with limited range, balloons with antennas could fly 60,000 feet in the air and follow wind patterns to cover about 2,000 square miles at once. The company has simulated over 30 million kilometers of navigation paths every day to understand how weather conditions will affect the predetermined balloon routes.

Loon’s solar-powered air structures have been improved a lot over time. Project Loon started off with just 3G-levels of connectivity but then provided 4G instead in 2015 across an area as big as Rhode Island. The project was recently toured by Wired as Loon showed off its factory and smoother launch with powerful signals. Testing areas including New Zealand, Central California, Brazil, Peru, and Puerto Rico. Loon works with local governments and provided internet access to over 200,000 people in Puerto Rico after Hurrican Maria.

They plan to improve connectivity for large areas of Kenya currently not covered by mobile providers rather than building structures due to the difficulty of erecting such towers. Some local experts expressed concerns stating that dependency on a foreign company may be an issue. Regardless, Project Loon is an amazing idea coming to reality in the world.

Photo: Project Loon.