Black Ops 4 gets new custom Blackout game modes next week 1

Black Ops 4 gets new custom Blackout game modes next week

Treyarch has been working hard this week. They released their new Absolute Zero DLC, free content updates, and then more free content updates.

Now, they just announced that custom game modes will be coming to Blackout mode soon in their latest title Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. This is a lot for one week of game updates for players, but they seem to be happy with all the new stuff. At least it’ll keep them busy over the holidays.

Anyway, this new game mode gives the players the ability to create their own matches starting next week. This doesn’t mean they can host huge lobbies, but rather, they can bring up to 11 friends into the game itself to explore the huge map.

Each custom game can be played via Duo, Solos, and Quads and has full character customization. There’s also speculation that they can change the game rules and setup, so you’ll literally have your own match of Blackout. Perhaps this is a response to Fortnite’s custom game mode feature.

The standard mode is also set to support camos when the update launches, which will be available from the Armory menu.

Black Ops 4 has been delivering the content lately.  This has been a very nice holiday gift from Treyarch for all of their players. Let’s hope they keep this up.