CoD: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode will have at least 100 players (possibly 115)

The beta test period for Black Ops 4′s Blackout mode has officially ended. From more player feedback and game optimization, Treyarch has raised the player count to 100. Before, it started at 80. During the beta, it was raised to 88. Now, it’s finally at 100 players.

For the battle royale genre, 100 players is the norm. Treyarch understands that this is the sweet spot to be competitive with other popular battle royale games like Fortnite, so having 100 players will at least get their foot in the door, whether or not they plan to challenge the top dogs in the battle royale world.

After all, Blackout is just a piece of the pie for Black Ops 4 and isn’t the core gameplay. The game is still largely a tactical shooter with the Blackout mode being an alternative, experimental mode.

Treyarch seems to be happy with this number, especially on consoles where performance is an issue. They said they experiment with 115 players but didn’t confirm whether or not this will make the cut when the game launches officially next month. The beta was extended for an extra two hour period of time beyond its original scheduled time.

A few other changes were made before the beta was over.

For starters, the damage players receive from being outside the collapse in the map saw an increase. The Cargo plane will be harder to shoot down for airdrops- it’ll have increased HP and not take damage from regular bullets. The wingsuit also underwent some changes, as it can’t gain altitude at fast speeds and steep dives now and increased the time it takes to pull up from one.

Other fixes like players getting stuck, multiplay players spawning in the same location, collision detection, and killcam issues were also fixed. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 releases next month on the 12th of October.