CoD: Modern Warfare Season 1 Refresh update – What’s new?

Modern Warfare fans have been busy with the Season 1 content pack that rolled out on December 3.

The next update for CoD: Modern Warfare will have new maps and is scheduled for release tomorrow, December 18. There are two maps that players are just hyped over- the remake of Vacant and Shipment.

These are long-time classics in the Call of Duty series, and they’ll be getting a full remake for Modern Warfare in the update.

The December 3 S1 patch did the same thing- we got remakes of Crash and two new Gunfight maps. This was one of the largest, if not the largest, free content updates for Call of Duty to date.

Activision stated that they didn’t release everything, and that there will be more content rolling out within the coming weeks.

When does the update come out?

Tomorrow’s update will have at least two remake maps, cosmetic bundles, new game modes, and more. The official name is the “Season One Refresh” update, and will release 12/18/19 exactly at 10AM PT. The update is free for everyone, whether you bought Battle Pass or not.

New maps

Vacant and Shipment are both classics from CoD 4: MW. They’ll be remade and released in this S1 Refresh update. There probably will be some changes to the map just like they did with Crash.

New game mode

The new game mode for multiplyaer is called “Cranked” and will be a timed deathmatch. Players must get kills quickly or suffer an “explosive fate.” Sounds like a twist of DM but with a timer that you need to constantly refresh.

Over Winter

There will also be a new “Over Winter” version of Docks, which brings snow to the map and the regular 2v2 version of OSP.

Free gift pack

All players will get a free “gift pack” which has an assortment of gear. As of now, there’s no details yet to what players will get for free.

New Spec Ops

Players will also enjoy new Spec Ops:

  • Operation Strongbox
  • Classic Special Ops Disinform
  • Classic Special Ops Bomb Squad

New cosmetics

And of course, more cosmetics. There will be 3 new bundles:

  • Nikto Operator Bundle
  • Blood Stained
  • Holideadly

Double XP

And there will be double weapon XP from 12/20 until 12/23.

This update will have a lot for players to enjoy. The Season One Refresh goes live tomorrow, December 18 for all systems at the same time.