Console players can buckle up for Wreckfest on 8/27 1

Console players can buckle up for Wreckfest on 8/27

We’ll be getting some crazy racing soon with Wreckfest coming to consoles next month.

For those unaware, Wreckfest is the latest entry from Bugbear, which is basically an online racing game that features the most random things you could think of. The game will be rolling out on consoles next month on 8/27 for both PS4 and Xbox One.

There will be standard ‘base game’ solutions and deluxe digital editions. The deluxe copy basically costs more but will get you a one-day earlier access to the game for $59.99 plus the standard set of various goodies for the high rollers. There will be a season pass which provides access to all 20 cars, decorations, and various equips for your ride.

Both game versions will have the Bandit Ripper V8 for those who pre-order. Bugbear will also put out new content for free after the game comes out.

PC players can also grab a free content update on the console launch date. There will be new tracks, vehicles, rewards, paints, day times for all tracks, and other cool stuff.

For console players wanting to get in on the action that is Wreckfest, sit tight and buckle your ass up for a ride you won’t forget.