Devolver Digital asks Switch community what game they want next

Devolver Digital posted a new tweet on Twitter recently blatantly asking Nintendo Switch owners what game they want next.

Now, this doesn’t actually happen in the video game world. I mean, you don’t have companies just outright asking fans for a game to be made, right?

Well, wrong. Developer did it. And whether or not it was a publicity stunt, the tweet gathered over 2K comments and 2.2K likes.

Devolver is known for their distinct games, such as Hotline Miami. They do have some titles lined up, which they revealed at their E3 conference such as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Carrion.

Skimming over their comments, most players responded with a Hotline Miami reply. Given that this was their most popular title, ’tis no surprise.

Feel free to voice your opinion on this tweet and “vote” for the next Devolver Digital title!

David Wong

David Wong

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