Destiny 2 Black Armory update V2.1.4 patch notes – What’s new?

Destiny 2’s Black Armory update will be released later this month and we’ve got the inside scoop on what this new update will entail.

Bungie has listed some of the new changes that D2 players will be getting to the Black Armory on the V2.1.4 update rolls out on January 29, 2019. The weekly post states that Bungie has been utilizing community feedback in regards to the Black Armory weapon forging.

When the update is here, a few changes will be enacted:

  • Ballistics Logs won’t be removed at reset and stack limits have been upped to 5 per character.
  • Radiant Matric will be removed at reset.
  • Frames missing from Ada’s stash will be fixed.
  • Weapon frames will be refunded into logs or reports when carried across reset.
  • Gold frames will refund into one Ballstiics Log and Silver frames refunded into Modulous REports.
  • Gold frames can be purchased up to two per week.
  • Any Modulus Reports or Ballistics Logs can be found at the Postmaster that may have previously vanished.
  • Drop rates for Black Armory Lore has been doubled to 20% and require a “forge ignition” for a chance to drop. Emblems will be awarded when completing a forge and don’t require any specific bounty to be completed.
  • The quest step requiring a high-value target on Nessus has been adjusted and doesn’t require you to be the last one to kill the target.

There are just the major fixes, you can find the full patch notes for 2.1.4 on Bungie’s page. There’s also the typical weapon tuning, adjustments, and buffed weapons that are currently underutilized right now.

You can check out the official video for the Black Armory update here: