Destiny 2’s new Iron Banner emote costs as much as the base game

Activision and Bungie have been getting plenty of flack regarding the Eververse vendor in Destiny 2.

While it was in the first game, microtransactions weren’t really an issue with the community. But then, the new Iron Banner $10 emote is just making the fire between the developer and gamers worse.

Before the expansion The Taken King came out, Bungie announced that there would only be a cosmetic microtransaction marketplace in Destiny. The store named Eververse featured some emotes, shaders, and horns for player vehicles. This wasn’t really adored by gamers, but it was acceptable and would help fund the game’s development. Most players ignored it and just went with eh regular grind.

In Destiny 2, Eververse was a bigger thing. Now with revamped loot and leveling, players were given a free loot box ever level gained. This is just free access to what would be blocked behind a microtransaction, though some people believe it’s invasive to the game’s ethics of making it fair for all players. Some decisions even cause player campaigns to surface over the internet.

While the game doesn’t offer anything that’ll really break the game other than some buffs and faster sparrows, the expansions have offered some pretty good loo that can only be claimed from Evergreen. You need to pay $9.99 for an emote that’s a direct reference to a PVP event in which you can’t earn it from. But then if you think about it, Destiny 2 itself can be found for as low as $10. That means an in-game emote costs as much as the game itself.

This will probably only fuel the fire between the community and Bungie. #RemoveEververse

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