Dark Souls-like Action RPG Unworthy coming out on May 29th

Unworthy is a new 2D Metroidvania game that plays similar to Dark Souls.

It’s the second game from indie developer Aleksandar Kuzmanovic and plays in the classical tradition of being a hardass action RPG. It’s a “hardcore combat-focused Metroidvania” where players can explore a grim universe. The game also offers a ton of weapons, unique abilities, and plenty of lands to explore.  He also uploaded a new video showing off the game as sort of a teaser trailer.

From the trailer, you can see that the game is very similar to Dark Souls. in that players must defend themselves and forge a new path in a grim world with black-and-white pixel art. The game has enemies, bosses, and plenty of hazards that can be dodged by rolling or blocking. The game also has an in-game cash shop where players can buy items and gear. The game is pretty much an indie version of Dark Souls.

Players will be controlling an unknown hero who wanders the lands in search of meaning. The narrative is similar to Dark Souls., so it’s not surprising to see indie games paying homage to it.

Unworthy will be released on Steam on May 29th with a $14.99 price tag.

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