Donut County confirmed for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Donut County has been confirmed to be coming to Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

After a positive reception for Ben Esposito’s indie title, the game seemed to have put everyone in a trance and uplifted their spirits who played it on the PC and PS4 (and mobile). Now Xbox One and Switch owners will be able to get in on the colorful and charming cast of characters in Donut County

Annapurna Interactive confirmed that their story-driven physics puzzler will be confirmed for Xbox One already during The Game Awards, but has just also confirmed that the Switch will be getting a release also.

For those unaware, Donut County is a physics-based puzzler that has players controlling a hole in the ground that moves around and eats everything in its path. There’s a cast of fun characters and touches on the theme of gentrification. Think of the puzzle aspect of Katamari Damacy except with a cast and story behind it- well, at least a more fleshed out story.

The game will likely do very well on the Switch given its portability and touchscreen, which will both make the experience that much more interactive for players.

Donut County will be rolling out for Xbox One as part of Xbox’s Winter of Arcade. The Switch version will come out on December 18 and retails for $12.99. You can check out a gameplay trailer of Donut County on the Switch below:

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