GTA Online getting new game mode Arena War; Twisted Metal-like experiment

GTA Online is getting some new content as reported by developer Rockstar Games.

GTA has been one of the most successful franchises of all time and Rockstar still pumps out content for free on a consistent basis. Even with the release of Red Dead Online, they’re still devoting time to their GTA Online project and not leaving it in the dust from the cowboys. The game is getting a new game mode called Arena War, which is like a destruction derby kind of mode that you may remember from games like Twisted Metal or Destruction┬áDerby itself from way back when.

You get to pilot and control weaponized vehicles equipped with powerful weaponry and armory in PVP combat. Players will take on a new “career” and compete for the spoils in the Maze Bank Arena. The game mode will have new weapons, vehicles types, and seven new game types. As you progress through Arena War, you get Arena Points which can be used to level up a gear and earn more unlockables to use in the arena once again to demolish your opponents.

GTA Online has received constant updates almost on a daily basis. It’s more of an online experiment rather than a game and takes a lot of hours to understand the game and see how it works. Although it’s nothing short of clashing metal, burning rubber, and extreme violence, the player base for RDO may be fractured given that many of the players are also GTA fans.

GTA Online‘s Arena War goes online for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 tomorrow, December 11.