Dragon’s Crown Pro remake comes with a new OST and DLC included

Dragon’s Crown Pro is an action sidescroller RPG that’s coming in 2018.

Dragon's Crown Pro remake by Atlus and Vanillaware.
Dragon’s Crown Pro is being remade with enhanced visuals and a new OST.

It’s a remake of Vanillaware’s 2013 classic. It comes with enhanced 4K visuals and a brand-new OST from Hitoshi Sakimoto and both Japanese and English audio. It’ll also have cross-platform compatibility with the original game. You can also transfer your saves between both releases. And it’ll include the DLC “Storyteller Voice” for free.

It’s being made by Atlus and Vanillaware and plans are in the air for the release date. Fans of the series are raving about it online.

The game is known for its gorgeous hand-drawn visuals with 2D sidescrolling RPG elements. There’s a full cast of characters and even support for multiplayer. You play as 6 different characters in a gorgeous world. You can choose from a bunch of equips, gear, and weapons. You travel through many different environments as you embark on an epic RPG journey.

It’s also scheduled for release in Japan some time in Spring. The English versions will release soon afterward. Sit tight.