Rainbow Six Siege update.

Rainbow 6 Siege just keeps on giving…

Over 25 million players have been on the battlefield of Rainbox 6 Siege.


Rainbow Six Siege update.
RS6 Siege keeps on slapping on the content for its players.


The tactical FPS from Ubisoft has now accumulated over 25 million people around the world. This was probably sustained by

their generous free DLC-worthy updates and patches/fixes for the game’s issues at launch. See what happens when a developer actually listens to its players?

the game has taken new highs as to even become an esport game. It’s a unique game unlike many other twitch FPS games on the current playlist. This game actually requires cooperation to succeed.

Rainbox 6 Siege isn’t slowing down either. It just rolled out another content update called “Operation White Noise” where players can play as team members of South Korea’s Special Mission Battalion. It’s a new map based in S. Korea. Players also get the usual bug patches as well.

This is how you cater to your players. Good job Ubisoft.

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