Dragon's Dogma is coming to Netflix and the Nintendo Switch. Netflix will be creaing an original series based on the game.

Dragon’s Dogma spinoff coming to Netflix; Dark Arisen coming to Nintendo Switch

The new action RPG Dragon’s Dogma will be adopted by Netflix and will be entwined with a whole new series based off the franchise.

The RPG has been a cult classic following with its combat and huge worlds. The game has been released and released on current and older generation consoles, and it’ll likely be that the future fans of the RPG will get a piece of the action again in the new series coming to Netflix.

The streaming giant announced that they’ll be partnering up with a few different studios and production companies to create a new series based off of the franchise- but not exactly. The current offerings of animated productions are limited, so they want to bring more series to the platform. There’s currently no scheduled release date, but has been confirmed that they’re creating something similar to Dragon’s Dogma on Netflix.

They also noted that the series will have a male protagonist seeking revenge on a dragon who “stole his heart” and he’ll “arisen” during this quest.

The series will be created by Sublimation with Netflix and will be an original series based on the game. The adaptation would join other similar production like Altered Carbon: Resleeved.

Dragon’s Dogma is coming to Netflix in an animated adaptation and enhanced game edition, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, will be coming to the Switch. This is a good time to be a fan of the series and players should be pleased.


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