Shrek in SSBU?

SSBU modders add Shrek to the game

Are you a fan of Shrek well good, because some others have found a way to add the green color Trello into Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Auto Motors are Motors and they do what they do, putting everyone’s favorite swamp dweller Shrek in SSBU is a pretty cool feature. While modders are out there busy adding Thomas the Tank Engine in horror games, others are busy creating out voice-overs to get playable Shrek in Smash.

What they did was take out Ganondorf, who has the same kind of body wire as Shrek, and replaced it with a full-on animated version of Shrek- without voice-overs. His moves are the same as Ganondorf, but as far as looks in animations go, it’s almost like he’s a part of the game. They would need to add voice-overs and possibly rename his moves and give them different kinds of effects animations, but for the meantime, it almost looks like a beta version of the character Shrek in SSBU.

Maybe later on we can see a fully rendered version of him complete with voice overs, effects, and a full set of moves that he can use to defend his swamp. While the idea isn’t completely original, a few players may remember the Super Smash Brothers for Wii U modding community had pretty much done the same thing featuring Shrek in the game. However, there were a lot more modding tools on the Wii U compared to the amount on the Nintendo Switch right now, so it’s much easier to mod back then than it is now.

Shrek is an internet meme not only on the gaming industry but all over the net. It only makes sense to add him to the world’s most popular platform fighter. Even though he didn’t make it in the final game, we can see that modders have implemented their own version of Mr. Shrek here. There are countless Shack multi crossovers for the game, and this is not the only one. But, we thought we’d bring this one out because they did a pretty good job.

Other mothers are looking to add some characters like Shaggy not only in SSBU, but in any fighting game. There was a petition to have him included in the latest Mortal Kombat, but that never happened. However, he was added to jump Force.

So for fans of Shrek who missed out on him being in Super Smash Brothers ultimate, you can take a look at this video to be entertained. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is available exclusively on the Nintendo switch to no surprise, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. It’s the latest entry to the world’s most popular action brawler and sold more copies on Amazon than any other video game and video game accessory when it launched.