Fallout 76 update 10.5 brings a host of fixes to Nuclear Winter 1

Fallout 76 update 10.5 brings a host of fixes to Nuclear Winter

Fallout 76 continues to get new updates and Bethesda seems to be really sticking to their guns on turning this game around.

I’ve stopped playing since right around the Nuclear Winter update, and have yet to try that out. With all these new updates to the game, I just may have to give the game another try.

The newest patch brings the game to 10.5, which has a ton of game enhancements.

Nuclear Winter has now entered the game’s Beta, which coincides with the latest extension of the new battle royale mode. Bethesda kept the BR going and extended the duration of the event as player interest was positive.

Update 10.5 brings a bunch of new fixes for Nuclear Winter. Players can now favorite an Underarmor item in the Atomic Shop. Automatic Combat Rifles and SMGs are now present in various supply crates. Perks have also been revamped, such as the Dead Man Sprinting perk now reducing AP drain 25% slower if you’re below 30% HP.

New ZAX Terminal entries are now scattered around the map, and players can no re-open the Perk Card tutorial if it was skipped.

And of course, the new patch brings a ton of bug fixes.

For starters, Vault 51 has been redesigned to allow player vision to span father and a few graphics glitches have been fixed. Some bugs from equips have been eliminated, alongside performance, stability, perk updates, challenges, and more.

Bethesda got off to a shaky start, but it looks like they’re standing their ground. There will also be updates to stuff outside of Nuclear Winter also, such as armor graphics, weapons, and bugs. VATS also won’t automatically close when Gun Fu perk is active.

You can check out the full list of bug fixes here. It’s a good time to be in West Virginia.