Minecraft: Play as your favorite blocky Toy Story character 1

Minecraft: Play as your favorite blocky Toy Story character

Everyone likes Toy Story. And that’s not just because my name’s Andy.

The Minecraft universe is no exception. Minecraft Toy Story skins are now available for purchase in the Minecraft store. This is obviously to celebrate the release of Toy Story’s newest entry, Toy Story 4.

The game’s Toy Story skins will feature many of the characters from the movie, such as Woody, Buzz, Rex, Bo Peep, and even Duke Caboom and Ducky and Bunny from the newest movie.

They’re all recreated in blocky rendering that fits the Minecraft universe, so now you can soar to infinity and beyond as Buzz or roundup those Creepers as Woody.

The Toy Story Mash-Up Pack also grants you some extra cool maps included with Minecraft renditions of Toy Story locations. You can play through Andy’s room, Sid’s room, and many other locations from the movie. They’re scaled to giant sized to make you feel like you’re actually just a toy. And you’ll have to solve puzzles to break out of each map.

Minecraft’s Toy Story skins are currently available on the Minecraft Marketplace. The price is 1340 Minecraft Coins. For any Toy Story fan, this should be your new fav “toy.”