New Nintendo Switch GPU Tegra X1 details

A new report states that a new chipset could be used for the Nintendo Switch in an upcoming console revision.

Early speculators speculated that the Switch may use an Nvidia Tegra X2, but now we’ve seen some evidence that there’s an improved version of the Nvidia Tegra X1 being developed.

The development name of the X1 chip is dubbed Logan- a direct reference to Wolverine from Marvel. The same chipset used to power the Nvidia Shield TV console. The Switch’s X1 chipset has a clock speed of 921Mhz.

And the new chip is called Mariko, which has a clock speed of 1.27GHz with 8GB of RAM- double that of the X1 Wolverine chip.

A final release of the hardware may have 6GB, as current dev kits have an additional 2GB of RAM. Clock speeds varies based on docked/undocked states and dev setting.

Nintendo already has additional Switch models planned, and a miniature Switch could be a possibility, or a Switch Pro could have better performance over the current one. So we’ll have the regular Switch and a smaller, cheaper one and a more powerful version.

The report states that the new chip has smaller transistors, which require less cooling. Thus, the console will operate faster and more efficiently.

Check out this video from DigitalFoundry explaining the next Switch model:

Andy Wang

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